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Grimm Up North are proud to announce that our festival directors Simeon Halligan and Rachel Richardson Jones have officially announced that they have started pre-production on their new feature film, suspense thriller WHITE SETTLERS. Following the success of their 2010 release SPLINTERED (UK Teen horror) and the ever growing Grimm Entertainment label and events, WHITE SETTLERS will shoot spring 2013 and will be completed and available for distribution in late 2013.


The film is written by Ian Fenton and centres on a young London couple who move to the Scottish borders in order to start a new life. The body of the film takes place on their first night in the old rustic farm house. Strange and disturbing events reveal that something or someone is not happy with the new house owners and as the night unfolds the couple find themselves fighting for their lives. WHITE SETTLERS is set to be an unnerving and thrilling experience, with echoes of such genre classics as SINISTER and STRAW DOGS.


Cast and key crew members are currently being secured.


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Our very first UK release under the Grimm Distribution label is SOME GUY WHO KILLS PEOPLE.


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