candle shotScreening: Thursday 2nd October; Gorilla, Manchester; 1.50pm-2.04pm

UK ; 2014;  14min; Gorilla

Director:     Chelsea Burdon & Mark Vessey

Starring:     Fiona Dourif and Phillip James

Status:     Northern  Premiere
Cert:    18

SHE and HE were once lovers but are now trapped in a stale and silent relationship. Physically locked indoors with no comfort or conversation, SHE has increasingly become little more than a plaything and slave, but things are about to change drastically. Plotting a final anniversary dinner, SHE finally takes revenge on her selfish and demanding partner with a gruesome act that will leave just as many scars on her as it does on him.

GRIMM’s EYE VIEW:   It’s always the quiet ones you have to watch. A slow-burn paen to brutalised partners everywhere, which is best enjoyed with legs firmly crossed and lunch plans indefinitely cancelled.

Screening with the film TRUTH OR DARE