ON-AIR_MOVIE-POSTER-96dpiGermany; 2013; 104 mins; The Dancehouse

Directors: Marco J. Riedl; Carsten Vauth

Starring: Markus Knüffken; Charles Rettinghaus; Ronald Nitschke; Jasmin Lord

Status: European Premiere

Screening: Thursday 3rd October; 9:25pm – 11.10pm

“strikes a primal deep fear” Dread Central

“kept the audience both firmly engrossed and off kilter”Starpulse

Doc Rock is the host of pirate radio station “Nighthawk”, operating in a city where a serial killer, the Nightslasher; is currently at large. Doc mocks cops and killer alike: “How hard can it be to prevent the slasher from slaying his next victim?” Big mistake. Moments later there’s a phone call to the home studio in the cellar of his house… It’s the Nightslasher, and he forces Doc Rock into a deadly game: If Doc manages to prevent him from killing his next victim during the rest of the radio show, he will let her go. The struggle for survival is ON…AIR.

GRIMM’S EYE VIEW: Radio DJs have always made good protagonists,, from Gary Cole in cult TV series MIDNIGHT CALLER to Eric Bogosian in TALK RADIO, to Stephen McHattie in PONTYPOOL. Doc Rock is the latest in a long line of lonely , cynical men, mouthing off into the dark, never certain who or what they might provoke with their incendiary words. Combining a nail-biting race against time and an elegant and perceptive study of media complicity in news making, this tense and relentless thriller receives its European Premiere at this year’s festival




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