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UK; 2013; 80 mins; The Dancehouse

Director: Christian James; Starring: Dan Palmer; Antonia Bernath; Tamaryn Payne

Status: Northern Premiere

Screening: Sunday, 6th October; 5.oopm – 6.20pm

“This is a worthy successor to Shaun Of The Dead”Screendaily

As an office Xmas reaches full-swing on the upper floors, a frustrated janitor sneaks up from the basement, his toolbox full of stolen cash, his mind full of hopes for a new life. Only trouble is, the party is about to get out of hand. The zombie apocalypse has started, and as the partygoers become infected, there’s only one place for him to take refuge…

GRIMM’S EYE VIEW: Splicing the currently-popular confined-space claustrophobic horror scenario with social embarrassment, broad-brush satire and some good, old-fashion British toilet humour, this affably absurdist and genre-smart horror comedy pitches a likeable loser hero against overwhelming odds in a impossibly tight spot, in a manner that is simultaneously gripping and ridiculous, while offering vicarious gratification for anyone who has ever harboured resentment against their snotty co-workers.



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