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USA: 2012; 103 mins; The Dancehouse

Director: Scott Schirmer; Starring: Gavin Brown; Ethan Philbeck; Phyllis Munroe; Louie Lawless

Status: UK Premiere

Screening: Saturday; 4.00pm – 5.43pm

“As horror as horror can get” – Elvira, Mistress of the dark

“goes from being a drama about the pains of growing up to a full blown horror film” – Videonews

“one of the most merciless endings ever filmed” – Horror Hound Magazine

A geeky horror movie and comics fixated 12 year old boy, increasingly isolated at home and bullied at school, discovers that the older brother he idolises has some very dark secrets…

GRIMM’S EYE VIEW: A coming of age story, dealing with the difference between fantasy and real violence, this plays a little like CATCHER IN THE RYE with serial-killers. Beautifully shot, with a remarkable lead performance by Gavin Brown as the increasingly troubled young boy, it combines a sensitive study of adolescent confusion with an unflinching portrayal of the violent drives of the serial sex killer. The result makes for some seriously uncomfortable viewing.


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